The Future of Mobile Payment
Direct Carrier Billing (DCB)

Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) is the future of mobile payment which allows users to make purchase transactions with just a few taps, without the need of credit cards and cash. DCB allows users to buy digital products via a direct connection with mobile operators with the use of a mobile device and SIM card. Once purchases on the digital goods are made using DCB, charges of purchases of these transactions will be incurred to user’s mobile phone bills.

We choose Direct Carrier Billing (DCB)
With leading digital content providers (Netflix, Spotify) and app stores (Google Play Store, Apple Store, Huawei Store) marching to make DCB a payment option for subscriptions of digital services, digital merchants like Crazemob takes the lead towards the use of DCB as the solution for digital entertainment.

Why DCB?


Payment of purchases without sharing sensitive details, such as credit card number, CVC codes and banking information. Users are protected and service compliance


Convenient and efficient transaction of digital goods with a few taps on mobile devices.

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Easy tracking on purchase histories via SMS notifications and mobile bills

How does DCB work?

Upon landing on Crazemob’s promotional pages, price terms and services to subscribed are stated and detailed on page. Transactions is made by entering a valid mobile phone number and confirming the payment for enrolling to our services. The DCB payment flows and processes vary across different countries and operators, in accordance to Telco’s rules and local regulations. After successful completion of purchase action, the digital contents are not accessible and a purchase confirmation receipt will be sent via SMS. Subscribed users can now enjoy Crazemob’s entertainment contents at any occasions.

The user enters his mobile phone number to pay for the service.


He is redirected to a webpage to confirm the payment.


When confirmed, the user receives a confirmation message by SMS.


The user is redirected to the product or the service he paid for

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